Safety Management Policy


The senior management and officials of Silk Way Helicopters Services, should hold the view that neither economic nor operational priorities shall overrule safety considerations. Through the implementation of a proactive Safety Management System, the senior management and other company officials shall endeavour to continuously improve our safety culture and in turn, to protect employees, principals, assets, our facilities, and the environment from harm. Safety is the first priority in all our activities. We are committed to implementing, developing and improving strategies, management systems, and processes to ensure that all our aviation activities uphold the highest level of safety performance and meet national and international standards.


We will:

  • Develop and embed a safety culture in all our aviation activities that recognises the importance and values of effective aviation safety management and acknowledges – at all times – that safety is paramount;
  • Promote a confidential, ‘Non-Punitive’ reporting of real or potential hazards, incidents, or accidents;
  • Ensure that no action will be taken against any employee who discloses a safety concern through the hazard reporting system, unless such disclosure indicates, beyond any reasonable doubt, gross negligence or a deliberate or wilful disregard of regulations or procedures;
  • Support the management of safety through the provision of all appropriate resources that will result in an organizational culture that fosters safe practices, encourages effective safety reporting and communication, and actively manages safety with the same attention to results as the attention to the results of the other management systems of the organization;
  • Ensure that the management of safety is a primary responsibility of all managers and employees;
  • Clearly define accountabilities and responsibilities for the development and delivery of aviation safety strategy and performance for all staff;
  • Establish and operate hazard identification and risk management processes, including a hazard reporting system, in order to eliminate or mitigate the safety risks of the consequences of hazards resulting from our operations or activities, to achieve continuous improvement in our safety performance;
  • Minimise the risks associated with aircraft operations to a point that is As Low As Reasonably Practicable;
  • Ensure that externally supplied systems and services, that impact upon the safety of our operations, meet appropriate safety standards;
  • Actively develop and improve our safety processes to conform to world-class standards;
  • Comply with and, wherever possible, exceed legislative and regulatory requirements and standards;
  • Ensure that all staff are provided with adequate and appropriate aviation safety information and training, are competent in safety matters, and are only allocated tasks commensurate with their skills;
  • Ensure that sufficient skilled and trained human resources are available to implement safety strategy and policy;
  • Establish and measure our safety performance against realistic objectives and / or targets;
  • Achieve the highest levels of safety standards and performance in all our aviation activities;
  • Continually improve our safety performance;
  • Conduct safety and management reviews and ensure that relevant action is taken; and,
  • Ensure that the application of effective aviation safety management systems is integral to all our aviation activities with the objective of achieving the highest levels of safety standards and performance.

All employees shall strive to work safely, such as to protect the safety of the customers of SWHS, the reputation of SWHS, the safety of their co-workers, assets, facility and environment from harm’.


 General Director of SWHS LLC                                                                                                                       Azer Sultanov                                   

Dangerous goods transportation rules on A/C

Regulated according to the № ÜR-01-002/SWHS/DGM Dangerous Goods Manual.
For the further information, please address to the Advisor on Aviation Safety of General Director.

Transportation rules of weapons and ammunition with appropriate permission

Allowance for transportation the weapons, ammunition and special facility on helicopters operated by SWHS is governed according to the Regulation №ÜR-03-002 / N1.
For the further information, please address to the Advisor on Aviation Safety of General Director.

Prohibited and limited some goods and things to the transportation

This section is compiled in accordance with the standards and recommendations of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the Advisory Committee on the Safety of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), following the legislation of the Azerbaijan Republic and the CAA (Civil Aviation Administration) of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
The article contains general information about the classification and restrictions with respect to carriage of certain items and substances.
Objects and substances prohibited for air transportation include weapons, explosives, flammable substances, as well as items that are seemingly harmless but may be used as weapons – so-called “dual use items.” You may not bring such items through security checkpoints without authorization.
Prohibited items and substances that were identified during safety monitoring are not allowed to the aircraft board. Discovery of those will lead to the issuance of appropriate documentation and informing the airport police.

NOTE: Even an unintentional carriage of prohibited items through security checkpoints is a violation of security rules of Azerbaijan Republic!

With the permission of the security or law enforcement officer, you may be allowed to:
– Discuss with the check-in staff the possibility of placing the prohibited item in your luggage transported in the cargo compartment;
– Leave such object to people who are seeing you off (in exceptional cases);
– If possible, leave a prohibited item in your car or send it by mail;
– To voluntarily abandon the object leaving it to the security checkpoints (with drafting of appropriate statements).
The procedure for dealing with prohibited items and substances that were confiscated from a passenger, as well as procedures for storage or return to the owner may vary depending on the degree of graveness of the carried object. The list, reproduced below, describes the objects and substances that are permitted and which are prohibited to be transported in your carry-on baggage or checked-in baggage.

NOTE: You should note that some items are allowed in your checked-in luggage but will not be accepted for transportation in carry-on luggage. Also pay special attention to the “Notes” at the bottom of each section – they contain important information on limitations and exceptions.

The list of permitted and prohibited items and substances is not exhaustive and is updated as required. In order to ensure people’s security a security officer may determine as prohibited an item that’s not on the ban list. Similarly, an item from the permitted list may be considered dangerous and therefore not allowed through security checkpoints.

NOTE: The list applies to all scheduled and charter flights of “Silk Way Helicopter Services” LLC airline.

May I take it? Carry-on luggage Checked-in luggage SWHS

Personal belongings
Cigar scissors No Yes
Corkscrews No Yes
Nail clippers No Yes
Eyeglass repair tools (including screwdrivers) No Yes
Eyelash curlers Yes Yes
Knitting and crochet hooks No Yes
Knives No Yes
Nail clippers No Yes
Nail Files No Yes
Personal toiletries, including aerosols, in limited quantities (e.g., hair spray, deodorant  not more than

100 ml)

(not more than100 ml)
Safety razors (including disposable razors) No Yes
Metal scissors with pointed tips No Yes
Toy weapons No No
Umbrellas (allowed in carry-on luggage after checking for prohibited items in them) Yes Yes
Canes (allowed in carry-on luggage after checking for prohibited items in them) Yes Yes
Supplies and equipment for diabetics (allowed in carry-on luggage after checking for prohibited items in them) including:
–      Insulin and insulin products;
–      Glass vials or box with them;
–      Needleless syringes and pens;
–      Devices for administering drugs and filled syringes;
–      Unlimited number of unused syringes when accompanied by insulin;
–      Lancets;
–      Blood glucose meters;
–      Strips for blood glucose;
–      Insulin pumps and spare parts for them
Insulin in any form or dose must bear factory marking and a pharmaceutical label
Yes Yes
Nitroglycerin for medical use in tablets or spray (With factory markings or pharmaceutical label) Yes Yes
Ostomy scissors (with blades 4 and less inches (10 cm)) No Yes
Prosthetic devices and instruments, including:

– Drills;

– Allen wrench;

– A device for removal of implants, if carried by passengers with a prosthesis or by an accompanying person


Note: Aviation rules of Azerbaijan Republic restrict carriage of liquids, aerosols and gels in a hand luggage. For more information on this subject, please refer to the flight representative.

Electronic devices
Camcorders and cameras No Yes
Equipment for the cameras

Screening equipment will damage undeveloped film in camera equipment

We recommend placing undeveloped films and cameras with it in the hand luggage or warn the safety checkpoint of the need for physical inspection of such a chamber

Yes Yes
Notebooks Yes Yes
Mobile phones Yes Yes Excluding the passengers of TOTAL company
Pagers Yes Yes
Electronic note-books Yes Yes

Note: According to flight safety, passengers are not allowed to use electronic devices during the entire period of flight.

Use of mobile communications is prohibited throughout the entire flight

Piercing and cutting items
Cutters for boxes No Yes
Ice Axes No Yes
Knives No Yes
Meat Choppers No Yes
Razor blade kinds – such as box cutters, devices for knives, razor blades without tapes, except for safety razors No Yes
Sabres No Yes
Swords No Yes
Scissors No Yes
Metal parts of the hookah No Yes
Skewers No Yes

Note: Any sharp objects in checked baggage should be placed in a case or securely wrapped to prevent injury to baggage handlers and inspectors

Weapons and ammunition (See Dangerous Goods Regulations)
Ammunition No No
Ammunition with explosive or incendiary bullets No No
Gas cartridges No No
Gas pistols No No
Airguns No No
Cans of compressed gas to pneumatic guns No No
Firearms No No
Flares No No
Lighters, pistols No No
Gun powder No No
Parts of Guns and Firearms No No
Shotguns No No
Firearms layouts No No
Starting gun No No
Non-lethal weapons No No

Note: For more information about instruction for weapons and ammunition transport please refer to the relevant section of our site.

Please note that as per current rules of “Silk Way Helicopter Services” carriage of firearms must be unloaded, disassembled packed in by the security presence.

Axes and hatchets No Yes
Goad for cattle No Yes
Crowbars No Yes
Crowbars No Yes
Drills (including handheld, with built-in batteries) No Yes
Saws (including hand, with built-in batteries) No Yes
Tools No Yes
Screwdrivers No Yes
Wrenches and pliers No Yes

Note: Any sharp objects in checked baggage should be placed in a case or securely wrapped to prevent injury to baggage handlers and inspectors

Explosive materials and devices (See Dangerous Goods Regulations)
Blasting – detonators No No
Dynamite No No
Fireworks No No
Flares (in any shape) No No
Hand Grenades No No
Plastic Explosives No No
Layouts of explosive device No No
Fuels (including that used for cooking and any flammable liquid) No No
Gasoline No No
Gas burners No No
Lighter fluid No No
Lighters * No * Yes *
Matches ** No ** Yes **
Swedish Match No No
Turpentine and solvents No No
Replicas of incendiaries No No


* For flights to / from PLATFORMS:

– Lighters are prohibited in carry-on luggage;

– Disarmed lighters are allowed in checked bluggage.

** For flights to / from PLATFORMS:

– Up to 4 boxes of safety matches (except Swedish) are allowed in carry-on luggage;

Chemical and other paralyzing hazardous substances (See Dangerous Goods Regulations)
Chlorine for swimming pools and baths No No
Compressed gas cylinders (including fire extinguishers) No No
Bleach No No
Liquid, Lithium batteries (except those in wheelchairs) No No
Cans of paint-spray No No
Tear Gas No No

pdfLithium” and “Lithium İon” batteries transportation rules

Company Policy regarding unwanted passengers

In an ever growing threat of terrorism, a priority of the “Silk Way Helicopter Services” LLC activity is to ensure safety of our passengers at all stages of air travel starting from the moment of check-in and ending while claiming the luggage at the airport (at the point) of destination. We pay special attention to ensuring the safety of passengers in flight and maintenance of the established order on the board of Airline’s aircrafts. This is also related to the fact that recently the world has seen an increase in number of incidents occurring from wrongful conduct of individual passengers during the flight. Unfortunately, this negative trend has not bypassed the civil aviation of Azerbaijan either.

Some passengers, usually, while in a state of alcoholic intoxication, are ignoring the established rules of behavior during the flight and commit illegal acts on the board of the aircraft, which destabilize psychological microclimate on the board, seriously impede the normal operation of the crew, cause discomfort to other passengers, and ultimately pose a real threat to flight’s safety.

Considering the specificity of performed air transportations “Silk Way Helicopter Services” LLC reserves the right to refuse carriage of passengers who are under the influence of alcohol as well as psychotropic drugs.

The cornerstone of “Silk Way Helicopter Services” LLC’s policy toward unwanted passengers is intolerance to those who infringe the law and commit inadmissible actions.

This considers the provisions of the 1963 Tokyo Convention in accordance to which the aircraft commander who on international flights may debark any person(s) he has reasonable cause to believe is committing or is about to commit an offence liable to interfere with the safety of persons or property or who is jeopardizing good order and discipline on board or the territory of any state where the aircraft lands. Acting within the framework of international and national legislation, “Silk Way Helicopter Services” LLC provides crew members of its aircraft a wide range of powers to curb unlawful activities and restore order on the board. In case of any aggressive acts committed by passengers, crew members are entitled to use all possibilities including measures of physical restraint to resolve the situation and pass the offender to law enforcement officials upon landing at the airport. In this case, aircraft commanders of “Silk Way Helicopter Services” LLC have the right to make an unplanned landing in any nearest airport thus to restore the order on board and ensure the safety of the passengers. Not limited to aforementioned methods, “Silk Way Helicopter Services” LLC airline is one of the first national air carriers to develop and implement a system for tracking and monitoring of persons who committed an offense on our flights. Such persons are included in the “List of unwanted passengers” (or the “Black List” as it is commonly called in mass media) for a period from 1 to 10 years considering the degree of public danger caused by the offender. Within the mentioned period “Silk Way Helicopter Services” LLC airline denies passengers-violators in the transportation with its flights by sending an advance notice to the management of the customer’s company. Recognizing the fact that our Airline performs over sea flights and acts as the sole carrier of oil companies, such punishment is often more effective than imposing fines or applying the administrative sanctions by law enforcement bodies.

In addition to including offender’s info to the “List of unwanted passengers” the Airline reserves the right to apply lawsuit against the offender to recover all expenses incurred due to unlawful actions.

For your information, below is a list of illegal acts that may lead to inclusion of the offender data in the “List of unwanted passengers”:

  • Failure to comply with lawful requirements of the aircraft’s crew;
  • Intentionally obstructing members of the aircraft’s crew to perform their duties;
  • Ignoring the requirements of flight safety (use of electronic devices during takeoff or landing, using a mobile phone during the flight, refusing to fasten seat belts);
  • Verbal abuse of the crew members or other passengers;
  • Verbal threats to life and health of the crew members or other passengers;
  • Smoking on aircraft board;
  • Consumption of alcohol on aircraft board and in the restricted area of the airport;
  • Unauthorized taking on board of prohibited substances and items detected during the inspection for aviation safety;
  • Any form of physical impact on the crew member or other passengers;
  • Sexual harassment against members of aircraft’s crew or other passengers;
  • Damage to personal property of crew members, passengers and Airline’s property;
  • Unauthorized attempts to open the doors and escape hatches of aircraft;
  • Inappropriate behavior causing panic in the passenger cabin;
  • Any other act that creates threat to safety or pertains to a crime, the responsibility for the perpetration of which is subject to criminal legislation of the Azerbaijan Republic.

We would suggest being familiar with rules of conduct within the aircraft while flying. Your familiarity with the named rules would allow you to escape from unpleasant incidents during the journey.

Every passenger becomes a participant of execution of aviation safety rules within the aircraft. According to the requirements of applicable legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan, a passenger is responsible for the violation of established norms, rules and requirements of aviation safety on internal airlines. A passenger is also responsible the violation of established norms, rules and requirements of aviation safety according to international air law (international conventions on civil aviation) and interim landing airports (grounds) legislation notwithstanding with destination points.

Classification of violation of rules of conduct for passengers within the aircraft

Violation of rules of conduct for passengers within the aircraft during the flight means the following:

– Violation of rules established by “SVHS” company (smoking, use of electronic and other means)

– Attacking aircraft crew (by using physical force), threaten and menace or prevent the crew from the fulfillment of their jobs, or diminish the ability of aircraft crew for the fulfillment of their responsible jobs;

– Attack other passengers (by using physical force), threaten and menace;

– Ignore the requirements of aircraft personnel or crew on compliance with aviation safety norms and rules;

– Use of narcotics and/or alcohol drinks, which lead to poisoning of  organism;

-Hooligan acts, abuse, verbal outrage (humiliation), etc;

– To outrage old passengers and teenagers or use of violation (act);

– Intentional deterioration (annihilation) or break down of aircraft property or devices;

– Other violation cases (smoking without permission, use of electronic devices without permission, refusal to leave from passenger terminal or aircraft, illegal transportation of  dangerous goods (cargo), etc);

– Any other act of criminal content posing danger and therefore  deemed to be made accountable for criminal responsibility according to the criminal legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Passenger committed above-mentioned acts is deemed to have violated Rules of conduct in air transport of the Republic of Azerbaijan and on board of aircraft.

“SVHS” Aviation Company also has introduced register and monitoring system of law-violated individuals, having not satisfied only with these methods. These individuals are included to the List of Undesirable Persons considering the danger level of acts of law-viloter for the public.

Except the input of information on law-violater to the List of Undesirable Persons, Aviation Company reserves the right to require the offender for payment of all expenses incurred by the Aviation Company as a consequence of his (her) illegal acts by court order.