“Silk Way Helicopter Services” LLC Maintenance Service Centre incorporates aircraft sheds designed to render maintenance services to airliners, shops for technical assistance, current repairing shop, accumulator shop and laboratory. Maintenance services for airliners of “Silk Way Helicopter Services” LLC company are rendered at specific aircraft sheds meeting up-to-date international standards.Aircraft shed covering an area of 4000 m2 and meeting up-to-date standards is located in Zabrat Airport; it was constructed of steel and concrete structure.

To improve working condition aircraft shed is provided with centralized electric system, water and air-conditioning system. Aircraft shed floor is covered by 30 cm thick concrete. This concrete layer was covered by a special rubber-based component. Two loading cranes with the load lifting capacity of 1 to 1,5 tons were installed to lift heavy spare parts from the ceiling of framework structure. 2 automatic doors with the mechanical sliding system provide access to and out of aircraft shed. Each door consists of 8 m high boards opening at both directions. Width of the door is 24 m when boards are completely open.

3 Cessna Skyhawk 172S type airplanes and 6 helicopters may be placed in aircraft shed at the same time.
To reach zero level of static pressure of airliners, grounding system has been provided.

In addition, a special place is available for airliners washing. Besides, the below mentioned types of electric energy were providied at various locations of aircraft shed:
One and Three phase 115 volt, 400 Hz, alternating current
Three 380 volt and One  220 volt, 50 Hz, alternating current
24 volt 90KW direct current

2 medical first-aid kits equipped with necessary medicines were placed in the aircraft shed to administer first medical aid to around 50 individuals. A special centralized automatic firefighting system has been mounted at the aircraft shed. In addition to this, sufficient amount of portable powder and nitrogen fire extinguishers have been placed in this area.

Tools and spare parts are stored in the aircraft sheds having all the required conditions and special equipment for that. Depending on designation, storages are divided into storages for tools, spare parts and materials. Entry to the storages is restricted and is possible by special permit only. To avoid static pressure, installed racks with spare parts were grounded. Due to high sensitivity to static pressure of some avionic equipment, antistatic agent was placed on every rack.

Maintenance service shops specializing in the area of Eastern and Western technologies have been provided with all required modern equipment for rendering all kinds of maintenance services to airliners. Surface equipment, stairs, special carts, tools and assemblies required for maintenance service – are repaired in the current repairing shop. Maintenance services of alkali and acid accumulators used in airliners are provided in accumulator shop. Charging devices necessary to charge accumulators are placed there.
Inspection of different measurement instruments mounted in airliners and analysis of flight parameters are carried out in laboratories.

Logistics department functioning on the basis of PART 145 regulations of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA),storages, workshops, room of quality assurance, room for engineers and technicians, warehouse complying to EASA standards where the spare parts and tools are stored are located on the first floor; offices, library and rooms for managers are located on the second floor; the dispatcher office of Eastern and Western technology is on the third floor.