Trees planting at Zabrat airport

Thursday, 25 December 2014 by

At  December 12,  2014 at the Zabrat airport  was held an action on trees planting. The action was held by the Silk Way Helicopter Services’ emeployees. The main goal of this action is the protection of the environment within the airport and surrounding areas, conservation of natural resources as well as training employees.

In 2014 “Silk Way Helicopter Services” aviation company started to perform EMS operations at the base of 2nd helicopters of “Augusta Westland AW-139 – ambulance” type. Starting from now the Agreement between the aviation company and the Ministry of Health of Azerbaijan allows to provide services on one of the most modern types of emergency

«Silk Way Helicopter Services» L.L.C. performs consulting services in construction of  surface level helipads as well as elevated helipads (located on buildings, medical offices, offshore drilling rigs, ships, etc.). The implementation of these services will positively impact on flight safety in civil aviation and on flight operations according the international standards.

Fleet updating

Monday, 20 October 2014 by

On October 20, 2014 the “SWHS” base has accepted one more newly purchased “Augusta Westland” AW-139 EMS (Emergency Medical Service) helicopter  for emergency medical mission. It is already the second aircraft of this aircraft family in our company fleet.

“Silk Way Helicopter Services” company started to use the new helicopters AW139 VIP. This superior helicopter intends for VIP-passengers. With the largest passenger cabin in its class the AW139 can accommodate its passengers in a spacious, comfortable and quiet environment.

Helicopter Landing Officer

Friday, 08 August 2014 by

On 4-6 august 2014 in the base of our company special instructors of “Aircraft Support & Training Europe” L.L.C. conducted international trainings on “Helicopter Landing Officer” subject.

The “Silk Way Helicopter Services” LLC and the Azerbaijan State Oil Company’s administrative management had a round table discussion on the cooperative activity matters as well as the performance in general, related to the first half of 2014. The discussion had covered a scheduled process to achieve the aimed results in the nearest future too.

«Silk Way Helicopter Services»  LLC  at February 26, 2014  has successfully passed regular audit  which was conducted by European Aviation Safety Agency

«Silk Way Helicopter Services» LLC will participate in the annual International «Caspian Oil and Gas» 2014 Conference and Exhibition from 03/06/2014 to 06/06/2014

«Silk Way Helicopter Services» LLC started to fly on new AW139 helicopters. AW139 helicopters are completely new generation of twin-engine helicopters of the middle class. High efficiency rates, excellent aircraft performance specifications, multifunctionality of use and unequalled reliability. AW139 is capable of carrying up to 15 passengers at the top speed in the spacious and