“Silk Way Helicopter Services” LLC is the largest airlines in the Azerbaijan Republic operating in the field of small aviation. Though it is newly established company, it has attained remarkable achievements within a short period. This testifies once again that there are immense opportunities for the development of free enterprise system in the Azerbaijan Republic.

“Silk Way Helicopter Services” LLC was registered as a legal entity on March 18, 2008 and it holds Licence and Certificate of Exploitation issued by the Azerbaijan Republic Civil Aviation Authority. The airline company has all the documents and permits necessary to carry dangerous goods, to execute search and rescue, as well as wrecking and other types operations in aviation services.

Major goal of the company is to ensure Flight Safety rather than to have economic profit. Therefore, a great importance is attached to improvement of company’s personnel professional skills. Special training courses incorporating relevant fields are organized for both technical and flying personnel in order they advance in their skills. These courses are recurrently arranged either in the “Silk Way Helicopter Services” LLC base or at the Training Centre being a constituent part of National Aviation Academy, as well as in the USA, France, Germany, Canada, Russia, Italy, Lithuania and other countries.

Specialists for a various types of helicopters and associated systems specialize in two directions: they master both Eastern and Western techniques and they possess the required certificates for relevant areas.
Helicopters and airplanes from Russia and Asia are implied to be of Eastern technology, and those produced in European countries and America are considered to be of Western technology.

Specialists of the company remain abreast of latest developments and changes taking place in the world of aviation. Special plans are being worked out on application of new technologies and innovations aimed at upgrading the aviation reliability. In addition to this, the company conducts various researches in the field of aviation, takes an active part in a range of international scientific and technological conferences and establishes ties with the world’s famous countries involved in this industry.