“Silk Way Helicopter Services” presented film about the hero pilot of the Karabakh war.

by / Monday, 21 October 2019 / Published in News

Due to initiative of Gabil Jalilov who is the Pilot of “Silk Way Helicopter Services”, documentary film was screened about the pilot Feyruz Jalilov died during active fighting in Karabakh. Gabil Jalilov is the son of a dead pilot.


Feyruz Jalilov demonstrated mastery and courage in the battles in order to protect the Kelbejar and Agdara regions. On August 30, 1993, in one of the fiercest battles, a Feyruz Jalilov manned helicopter was shot down by Armenian troops over Gubadli, all the crew members were killed.


The President of Azerbaijan posthumously awarded Feyruz Jalilov the order of “Azerbaijan Flag” for showing courage and heroism during the battle for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the state.


The film “Last Flight”, translated by  “Ictimai TV” channel