“Silk Way Helicopter Services” LLC, the leading helicopter service provider in the Caspian region, is pleased to announce that it has successfully completed another flare tip change out for its customer BP AGT.

by / Monday, 22 April 2019 / Published in News

The undertaking included removal and installation of multiple low pressure and high pressure flare tips on the offshore installation, in the Caspian sea.

SWHS provided flight crew with expertise in vertical reference slinging, as well as its S-92A helicopter.

The main direction of these services is focused on flare tip change outs on oil and gas platforms, as well as the wide range of services on transportation of oversized cargo on sling to difficult dislocation places.

The operations are conducted by American Sikorsky S-92 heavy helicopters, which are main part of the company’s fleet. Flare tip change outs on onshore and offshore installations is unique, as the number of airlines worldwide carrying out such operations is very limited. Operation of these flights require crew workmanship, high-technology equipment of the helicopter and coordinated work of all related services of the Airline.

This is another example of SWHS’ continued commitment to excellence in the oil and gas offshore helicopter industry.

Press service of Silk Way Helicopter Services