Upon the agreed “Joint Annual Training” schedule, “large-scale” trainings were conducted regarding the issue of the sudden outbreak of fire on the helicopter chassis landing to the “Pirallahi Helicopter Helipad” area on 15.02.2019.

by / Wednesday, 20 February 2019 / Published in News

The purpose of the conducting the training was to enhance practical knowledge of the employees on fire safety, to achieve the professional level of awareness on mutual movement rules of the staff in emergencies. During the training, evacuation of passengers and flight crew, extinguishing the fire source, provision of first aid and learning other series of actions had been organized. Respected departments of the State Fire Control Service of Ministry of Emergency Situations, the teams of Emergency Medical Aid Stations, as well as, the experts of the State of Civil Aviation Agency as observers were participated to the trainings.

We are pleased to express our deep gratitude to the management and personnel staff of all the authorities involved in the training