Airport “Zabrat” and Heydar Aliyev International Airport conducted an excursion for children of SWHS employees

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Silk Way Helicopter Services Airline and Heydar Aliyev International Airport organized an excursion to a number of civil aviation facilities for children of SWHS employees.

The children had the unique opportunity to take a look at helicopters and aviation technology at “Zabrat” airport as well as Cessna Skyhawk training aircraft.

After that the children visited hangar complex «Silk Way Technics» having conditions for maintenance of all type of modern aircraft up to the highest world standards.

The next point of the excursion was the Fire Service of the airport. The Service’s representatives told about the design of fire engine, showed subjects combat clothing, fire and rescue equipment demonstrate the items of fire fighting gear and showed to the children how water and foam is supplied from a fire monitor. During conversation most of the children showed excellent knowledge, answering the questions of firefighters on what number should be dialed in case of fire and what to do in a dangerous situation.

The excursion came to the end by visiting a passenger aircraft, the students also chanced to be in the cockpit.